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Achieving maximum quality, efficiency, and speed in processing customer orders is one of the key success factors for any company. Digitalization and automation of the order-to-cash (O2) process, combined with top-quality customer service and interaction, are a must for any agile and competitive business.

Insiders’ solution portfolio helps companies to achieve these goals, with multiple benefits: reliable fulfillment of time-critical SLAs, reduced processing times and costs, and fewer errors. The functionality of Insiders’ products and services range from automatic processing of structured and unstructured customer orders to intelligent omnichannel response management for a premium customer experience. Let AI empower your O2C process and CXM!



Enhanced order Processing


Enhanced customer experience


Enhanced cash flow management


enhanced process control

Document Understanding

Orders, change notes, or cancellations: Insiders software products and services process your incoming documents along the whole O2C-chain – AI-based and automatically.

Automated Communication

Automate your customer communication with Insiders response management solutions. Allow quick and easy interactions across any channel and bring your customer experience to the next level!



Our pre-configured and pre-trained services offer you powerful solutions you can easily roll out to your organization or beyond. We provide everything needed to leverage Insiders solutions, boost synergies, and grow your market potential for our direct customers and business partners.



Whether cloud-first or on-prem, our solutions use state-of-the-art AI technologies to enable outstanding performance. Integrate them for one specific use case, or equip the whole process chain – you choose, we deliver!



Our AI learns from every interaction. To steer your organization to maximum efficiency, we can offer you full transparency on process KPIs – such as processing times, workload distributions, service quality, and touchless rates. Automation becomes more visible than ever before!

smart ORDER – speed up your o2c-cycle

smart ORDER is our flagship product for automated order processing. It instantly captures all necessary business information within the order and re-routes any missing or unreadable information to a human verifier. Thanks to intelligent learning algorithms, only minor system adjustments or pre-trainings are required. smart ORDER allows you to export structured data extracted from the order into any process automation, CRM or ERP system.


Extracts more than 70 header and line items – out-of-the-box


Distinguishes between different business roles


Captures all relevant order and payment conditions


Marks changes and cancellations


Automatically detects attachments


Matches data based on top-down and fuzzy search algorithms


Supports customer-dependent product codes


Offers comfortable web-based GUI optimized for swift verification

“Using smart ORDER we are able to gain reliable information from immense amounts of data. Orders are processed faster and more efficiently”

Peter Neuner

Manager-IT, ISCAR Germany GmbH

Automated Communication

Whether it concerns their order status, changes, or cancellations, your customers expect extraordinary service and answers in real-time. Automate your customer communication with our AI-empowered response management solutions. Allow quick and easy interactions across all kinds of communication channels or leave the communication to a chatbot. Your customers and employees will love it!

Value added by smart tools

Automated process monitoring, SLA tracking, backlog, or workload distribution – Insiders equips you with all the Business Intelligence tools you need to get the most out of your automation process. Get to know our intuitive interfaces, discover root causes in seconds and see how your adjustments develop over time. Full visibility and transparency at your fingertips!