Mailroom Automation

Transform unstructured content into real business value and excite your customers with tailor-made communication
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Every day, your organization is exposed to a plethora of incoming documents feeding subsequent business processes. With Insiders business solutions, the days of cumbersome pre-sorting and manual tagging are over. Our services automatically route your data to the right business workflow – ready for immediate processing in your systems or via Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Thanks to the latest Deep Learning technologies, our services extract all business-relevant information, automate transactions and shorten response times. Start your automation journey today and let your organization benefit from smooth and efficient mailroom handling!


Enhanced touchless rates







Document Understanding

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to intelligent document processing. Insiders’ business solutions classify all incoming correspondence, extract relevant business information, and direct it to the appropriate place – AI-based and automatic.

Automated Communication

Take the next step towards mailroom automation, and tackle your outbound communication with Insiders response management solutions. Allow quick and easy interaction across any channel and boost your customer experience!


Unparalelled reSults

Whether it is cutting-edge cognitive classification, self-learning data extraction, or the newest validation mechanisms – our goal is to be a leader in technology solutions. It is this goal that drives our product performance and gives you amazing results! Let the accuracy of our solutions convince you!



Our services process any input format from any entry channel. Scans, mobile photos, mail attachments, messenger chats – you name it, we can handle it! Because of our expertise in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, our products can automate semi-structured or unstructured content.


continuous optimization

We offer you full transparency on process KPIs to increase your organizational efficiency, such as processing times, workload distributions, service quality, and touchless rates. Benefit from comprehensive process insights and continuous improvements.

smart FIX – turning data into action

smart FIX is our standard product for automated processing of all incoming correspondence – irrespective of input channel, format, and structure. Once they arrive, documents are gathered in one system, classified based on textual and visual characteristics, and rerouted to the appropriate business workflow.

Extract and validate all process-relevant information and streamline your processes, from data entry to completed transactions.

Classifies and reroutes heterogeneous content
Extracts all business-relevant information
Automatically detects attachments
Identifies complaints
Recognizes handwritten annotations

Matches data based on top-down and fuzzy search algorithms

Converts your content into all common formats

Offers user friendly web-based GUI, optimized for swift verification

“We process all our incoming documents across all channels with Insiders products – highly-efficiently, fully-automatically and on a daily basis. This enables us to offer our policy holders exactly the service they expect today. This is how modern omni-channel management works.”

Patrick Jermann

Basler Versicherungen AG

Communication made easy

Whether it concerns their order status, address changes, or complaints – your customers expect excellent service and answers in real-time. Automate your customer communication with our AI-empowered response management solutions. Allow quick and easy interaction across all kinds of communication channels or leave the communication to a chatbot. Your customers and employees will love it!

smart flow – reply in real time

smart FLOW is our standard product for omnichannel response management. Communicate effortlessly and in real-time with your customers via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other social media channels – all from one interface. Correspondence is automatically routed to the correct clerk while intelligent response suggestions maximize your performance.

smart BOT – Our intelligent dialogue engine

smart BOT is our standard product for the intelligent automation of all requests via chat or messenger channels. Offering your customers and employees excellent service around the clock. Our AI differentiates effortlessly between several hundred intents and enters an intelligent dialogue that leads to immediate results. In the case of complicated inquiries, human intervention occurs as a fallback mechanism. This way, any customer concerns are dealt with reliably, and your service team is relieved of routine tasks.

“Excellent customer service is now a key factor in our industry. Our customers expect a fast response from their energy supplier, especially to their e-mails. With the products of Insiders we process all e-mails individually and in half the time.”


Iris Heil

Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern

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Value added by smart Tools

Automated process monitoring, SLA tracking, backlog or workload distribution – Insiders equips you with all the Business Intelligence tools you need to get the most of your automation potentials. Get to know our intuitive interfaces, discover root causes in seconds and see how your countermeasures develop over time. Full visibility and transparency at your fingertips!